My cup runneth . . .

I wanted to extend my care for you.  To you. I wanted to help you pass, further. I wanted to grieve you, truly grieve you.  I didn’t want you to be gone. I wanted to honour you. I wanted your struggle to be over, but I struggled after you were over. I wanted a ritual.

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Can you slap science? I mean really. Behind door A or behind door B. What about door C? Managing?

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When I walked into the room and toward the bed, there lay the stone.  It was equidistant between the dresser I bought from the money Nana left me, and the spot where just the day before I had helped you pass. 

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The eyes of the assisting doctor were round, blue, and fiercely focused. She said something to the nurse that I don’t remember, but knew it meant you were gone. I asked the time. 8:35 am.

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