Round and Round

I understood the disdain for ingesting ideas when there was so much inside of you that needed to find its way out. I had been writing in lurches and starts over the past decade for this exact reason. Release. 

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Is it ok that I am talking about your fear? Because I think it needs to be known. Your living and your dying, it is an example.

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I grieve; You grieve

I have let go, Beardo.  I have let you go. And so now you are back, in this peace.  And I am so fucking blessed to be in this moment.  How could I possibly judge this good feeling that walks with me . . . 

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Three Men

On your last birthday – the day before you died – you sang “All by Myself” while we all just looked on, the number 41 glowing in front of you. You didn’t wait for us; you grabbed the joy yourself. 

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They are coming by tomorrow, the nurse who was your constant and the nurse who marked your progressed as you passed.  I’m not supposed to be helping them, but I want to show them this peace. 

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