Spirits, having flown

There have been a lot of questions asked and statements made. Since. Some I don’t understand but I don’t ask for qualifiers. When I sit, they reveal themselves. Others, I simply nod. They are uncomfortable truth statements and are just that. True.

“Why did you love someone who did not love you the way you deserved?” Because he deserved to be loved.

“He wants you to know that the work you did together allowed him to transcend spirit.”  At first I thought about the dying. The anger. But then it came to me. Two voices who did not step forward together. I stepped first – into the limelight – and reached my hand as I moved forward.

When we spoke he was like water. It was where he should be, in the light. Not bolstering another who was tripping in and out of theirs – as he often did, with a patience he never offered himself – but shining in his own. My fingers understood his lips. And now my own lips are ready to try their hand.

“Are YOU going to die?” She was wee. “We are all going to die. But first we are going to have a lot of fun living.”
Death is the most important spiritual teaching . . . . It wakes us up. If we are truly present in our lives, then death doesn’t come as such a shock. You’re here, you’re at a retreat, you’re grocery shopping—and suddenly you’re not. What is more important than understanding how quickly it can end—that there’s no rhyme or reason—and having some kind of spiritual foundation that can hold you in that?” https://www.lionsroar.com/how-will-you-die/

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