Do you ponder (false) dichotomies

The cure for
is to be.
just for you
and it’s the real

But lonely.
is for your people.
Lonely is
when you
know your people.
If you ask them
to gather round,
you won’t be lonely

It’s the magic
of the right ones.
They take lonely
away when they go

Then you can be alone.
Because you will then
that you are not

This magic of
alone and lonely
what allows you
to carry your grief
and your love.
Live your joy.
To up the wave
and down again.
The bigness of life.

Yes bigness,
as made up words
are the magic of
taking your hands off
the bar
of the rollercoaster.

Can’t go up
if you don’t let
the down.

So be alone.
But please
share your lonely
with your ones
left standing.

Let them
take it home,
so you can

grieve to your joy.

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