Beardo’s Day

Today is Beardo’s Day.

What’s that, you ask?  Well it’s the day a man died. A man I love.  But it would be great if this day could grow into something more, and I think he would like that too.

His name was Chris. But I call him Beardo because he is larger than life.  If you know him you are smiling as you read this . . .

Beardo chose his death, after a terminal diagnosis. He said he did not fear death but he did fear suffering. And so he became one of the first Canadians to access Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), just over one year after the related legislation was established.

Here is what I am asking you to do on the 25th of September, every year.  I am asking you to talk about death, your death.  Perhaps all you are able to do is share one belief or desire with a loved one or close friend. Or perhaps you are ready to draft an advance care plan! This kind of plan sets out your fulsome wishes for care at end of life.

So will you take up my challenge, and mark Beardo’s Day?  Will you start a conversation about death? Your fears and your wishes? Your beliefs and questions?  And will you allow me to remind you to build on that conversation, on the 25th of September each year?

Let’s bring death, to life.  #JudgeLessLoveMore #BringtheJoy

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