Big Bearded Heart

We knew nothing of the slow growing cancer that was also with us. And your antics spoke of the discomfort of anniversaries, of not knowing how two people could dance in a celebratory space.

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carry on

Maybe having my baggage checked isn’t about putting it away, but rather opening it up to take a look-see at who it is that I am sharing . . .

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Revolution MAID

So I am leaving my thesis until the end of this piece, and I am hoping that  you are with me as I put forward the argument that MAID is at the forefront of a revolution in healthcare. 

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What if . . . we hadn’t yet learned to trust movement. And now here we are.

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We don’t talk about how relationships never end …. it feels … like reaching through air.

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I love you. Your forehead; my lips. Your rings; my giving. Your lifeless body; my ring. My ring; your body leaving. My longing; your pinkie finger. My decision; topaz side by side. I love you.

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