what happened when I shed the cloak my mother gave me


I do not mean to step where I am not welcome. But there are words spilling over from our brief connection and I need to release them.

To me, life is about spaces and experiences. They may not be perfect, but I work to make them as such for me in a moment.

My people have shown themselves to be segments of a zipper; the only one that runs bottom to top is me. My people fit like a few teeth, but they are strong and secure because we have tested and agreed.

Some need to fully align with another. While it hurts to write this, I know it is not my experience in this lifetime. I am here for transitions.

People bounce off me. Turn corners. Move through. I used to run or meander after them but now I practice holding out my hand, entry and exit. The hardest thing has been the wanting – the teeth – of segments when it’s bouncing and turning and passing that is needed. And I am but a conduit.

Today I am looking at myself to see where the spaces exist. If there are spaces, where more teeth might sink in. I put my fingers to my solar plexus and am not sure if it’s the flattening of hands I need or a boring inward. Who needs healing today.

So forgive me. For I am wholly changed by knowing you.

Feet to the ground.

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